1. The way to a woman’s heart … is through her stomach

    Passion fruit creme with elderflower strawberries -  by  Simon Hulstone

    Forget money, fame, and success, all women really want is someone who can cook. One in six British women would prefer to marry a chef than a footballer, with 27 per cent claiming that the most attractive quality in a man was the ability to cook.

    We commissioned some research, commissioned by new lifestyle app Great British Chefs - revealing that cooking a high quality meal impressed women more than flowers or compliments. In fact, 44 per cent of women said that kitchen skills were more important to them than skills in the bedroom (8 per cent).

    Women are tough judges though and want to be impressed, 92 per cent of women would be disappointed if they were served up a simple Spaghetti Bolognaise, whilst a steak cooked to perfection would wow 34 per cent of women.

    Great British Chefs’ CEO, Ollie Lloyd, comments: We always knew that a way to a man’s heart was through his stomach, now this research shows it’s the recipe for success with women too.  If your cooking repertoire is limited, the Great British Chefs app is packed full of brilliant recipes from Michelin starred chefs and tips that will get you points with your partner.”

    The top five things a man can do to impress a woman:

     1.    Cook an impressive meal (44 per cent)

     2.    Give compliments (17 per cent)

     3.    Buy flowers (16 per cent)

     4.    Hold the door open (13 per cent)

     5.    Pick her up in a nice car (3 per cent)

    With over half of women (52 per cent) wanting someone to do their share of the cleaning, men had better get ready to do the washing up after cooking, if they really want to impress.

    Although some men may love it, sporting skills were the least important quality for a woman looking for a partner with only five per cent of women claiming it is something they look for.

    With 51 per cent of women claiming that they love to entertain, one in five (22 per cent) find cooking more enjoyable with someone else, with a further 10 per cent admitting that cooking with someone is an excellent way of getting to know them while also getting useful input.

    Scottish women are the biggest foodies with 28 per cent wanting to marry a chef. They were the most likely to be impressed by cooking skills with 52 per cent wanting to be cooked for, whilst London ladies place equal importance on kitchen skills (33 per cent) and bedroom skills (24 percent) .

    The younger generations prove that modern men need to be able to cook, clean and look after the house as 49 per cent of 16 – 34 year olds think cooking skills are a vital quality in a man, whereas 45 – 64 year olds would prefer that a man’s DIY skills were up to scratch.

    So what do you think? Ladies is this true for you? Is the best way to woo you through your stomach. Gents, do you think cooking a fantastic meal is better than taking a woman out to a restaurant?

    For more information on the research please contact our media centre or email info@greatbritishchefs.com


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