1. Are Dinner Parties Too Costly? Survey says yes

    At Great British Chefs we were surprised to hear about a new survey, conducted by YouGov, which found that people aren’t hosting dinner parties very often because of the high cost of food and the effort required to cook.  Only a third of all British adults actually enjoy hosting dinner parties.  Discover more about the survey and let us know your thoughts here …

    Good Oil Dinner Party

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    Blog post by Mecca Ibrahim of Great British Chefs

    The poll of over 2,000 adults (on behalf of the Very Lazy cooking ingredients brand) found that only a third of all British adults actually enjoy hosting dinner parties.  Additionally a quarter of people asked said they avoid having dinner parties because of the stress levels involved in entertaining other people.

    Apparently the cost of the average dinner party in the UK is around £60 and most households host around six dinner parties a year.  This means an annual bill of £360.

    Photo by Chris Osburn

    Rob Cottam, Very Lazy’s head development chef, said: “Financially, times are tough, and our lives are so busy that choosing your menu, buying a long list of ingredients, preparing the dishes from scratch and being an attentive host can sometimes seem like more hassle and expense than it’s worth.

    "It’s a real shame as dinner parties are a brilliant way to concentrate on the three best things in life – friends, family and food.”

    Raspberry Meringue Puddings by Paul Ainsworth

    However it appears the results really depend upon where you live in the UK.

    Infographic by VeryLazy

    London is clearly the dinner party capital of the UK, where a fifth of all people “love” hosting events.

    Three in ten people in the West Midlands felt “very confident” in their cooking ability. Also people in Northern Ireland & Wales were found to be the most hardworking in the kitchen, with 43 per cent of them cooking every day of the week.

    Profiteroles by Geoffrey Smeddle

    Congratulations to Scotland the most adventurous of those surveyed, with half of all Scots experimenting with new dishes.

    Not such good news in the North East, where less than one in five people cook seven days a week.

    Infographic by VeryLazy

    The survey also found that couples with three or more children were most keen to host dinner parties, because it is cheaper for them to entertain at home than hire a babysitter for the night.

    If you are looking for dinner party ideas check out our Celebration party recipe collection 

    What do you think of the results?  How often do you host dinner parties?  Do you find it expensive to host a dinner party?  How stressful do you find them?  Let us know your thoughts over on Great British Chefs Facebook Page.  


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