1. Can Eating Doughnuts Do Good? - National Doughnut Week

    Yes, there’s a  National Doughnut Week. Before you turn away, this is not yet another junk food come lately craze from the States, this comfort food celebration is rolling into its 21st year and offers seven days of indulgence for a good cause.  It’s a fundraiser for The Children’s Trust. Great British Chefs guest blogger  Chris Osburn looks at how eating doughnuts can help raise money…


    Warm chocolate doughnuts with damson fool by Adam Gray

    Blog post by Chris Osburn  

    During National Doughnut Week (12th to 19th May 2012), every doughnut sold by participating bakers across Britain raises money for The Children’s Trust, a national charity providing care, education and therapy to children with multiple disabilities and complex health needs.Over the past couple of decades, National Doughnut Week has raised more than £735,000 for The Children’s Trust. This year, National Doughnut Week’s goal is £30,000.

    Cream Doughnut & Apple Turnover

    Here in London, Dunn’s Bakery in Crouch End has been joining in the doughnut do-gooding since the beginning, but baking’s been in the family here since the early 19th century. Dunn’s is owned by Christopher and Christina Freeman. Christopher is a fifth generation baker whose great-great-grandfather, Robert Freeman came moved to London from Northamptonshire in 1820 and started working as a baker in Highgate.

    Custard doughnuts from St John’s - photo by Chris Osburn

    A relative newcomer compared to Dunn’s, but one that nonetheless adheres to British tradition, is St John. Almost as renowned for their custard and jam filled doughnuts as they are for their “nose to tail” dining concept, this upscale restaurant, hotel and über trendy Maltby Street market bakery group is contributing some yum to the week by offering seven different flavoured doughnuts available at Selfridges from £2.49.

    Alternatively why not make your own doughnuts and hold a doughnut party to raise funds for charity.  There’s a number of delicious recipes on Great British Chefs site for delicate doughnuts that would not look out of place at the end of a dinner party.  There’s Adam Gray’s warm chocolate doughnuts with damson fool.

    Cinnamon doughnuts and chocolate sauce by Kevin Mangeolles

    There’s also these delightful cinnamon doughnuts with a warm chocolate dipping sauce.  They make for a fun pudding to get the table talking and put a smile on everyone’s faces. 

    Raspberry Curd Doughnuts by Paul Ainsworth

    Or for fans of Great British Menu why not try Paul Ainsworth’s  Raspberry Curd DoughnutsThese doughnuts were part of a parade of sweets, Taste of the Fairground, created by Paul on BBC’s Great British Menu finals in 2011 and are in the Great British Menu Recipe Collection

    Find out more about National Doughnut Week here.  

    In the meantime let us know some of your favourite fillings for doughnuts.  What dipping sauces or toppings would work well for a “doughnut party” that Homer Simpson would be proud of?  Let us know over on Great British Chefs Facebook page.


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